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Guide to Prinz Eugen: Best Gear, Equipment Build Guide + Tips

KMS Prinz Eugen, not the heaviest hitter but a truly everlasting Heavy Cruiser. This guide is all about her, let's talk stats, equipment, and the specific gear that has worked for me, so you can make the most out of your Prinz Eugen.

Here we go:

Prinz Eugen's Stats her stats

With the basics, I start, and that's the stats, which is also the first thing you check out on a new ship anyways. With Prinz Eugen be prepared to feel those TANKY vibes.

HP for Days! 🙌

Right from the start our baby Prinz Eugen Azur Lane gets prinz-eugen-health-at-0.jpg 1099 HP at level 0.

Once she reaches level 100 you'll be sitting at prinz-eugen-health-at-100.jpg 5683 HP at level 100.

At level 120 she'll be able to stand a serious battle and still get away with considerable HP in her pocket prinz-eugen-health-at-120.jpg 6252 HP at level 120.

And finally, at her max level, she reaches a colossal prinz-eugen-health-at-125.jpg 6394 HP at level 125 and achieves her maximum potential on her must desire quality.

Tanky is an understatement to Prinz Eugen 😅 with such a huge health pool she’s got practically a whole squad's HP at her disposal.

Medium armor FTW! 💪

She has a medium armor type, I could say that is a good type of armor for her because she has an incredible HP and a good level on evasion, so is really useful.

Medium armor is actually a really common type of armor on heavy cruisers, I mean a heavy armor could be better but it is still pretty good.

Poor evasion

She is like a sponge, absorbs a lot of shots, and relies on her HP and shields. Her evasion is just OK for me, considering her shields disappear after 10 shots, a higher evasion stat really could help her.

Prinz Eugen starts with an evasion of prinz-eugen-evasion-at-0.jpg 9 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements) close your eyes!.

Her evasion goes up to prinz-eugen-evasion-at-100.jpg 53 evasion at level 100 even though the metric is high at this level, the evasion that she reaches is not very useful.

Next, we have an evasion of prinz-eugen-evasion-at-120.jpg 62 evasion at level 120 which is pretty decent for a Heavy Cruiser.

And finally, at level 125 her maximum evasion gets to prinz-eugen-evasion-at-125.jpg 64 evasion al level 125. She can dodge a lot more shots at this point, she is not unreachable but this level of EVA, plus her shields that actually spin quite fast, allow her to get the victory on many battles.

Take care of her, and she'll take care of your fleet...

Pretty decent Anti-Air Power 🚀

We already talk about Prinz Eugen's evasion and her shields, but that was it for torpedoes and main guns, what about airstrikes? Let's see!

Her Anti-Air power starts at prinz-eugen-anti-air-at-0.jpg 38 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements).

The next step for her is an Anti-Air stat of prinz-eugen-anti-air-at-100.jpg 187 at level 100, we have to remember, Prinz Eugen is an endurance cruiser.

When she reaches level 120 her Anti-Air is prinz-eugen-anti-air-at-120.jpg 205 at level 120.

Her final Anti-Air power is prinz-eugen-anti-air-at-125.jpg 209 at level 125. If you want to shoot down all the enemy planes, you’ll have to enhance her quite a bit. At this point, she can defend her airspace pretty good however it could be better.

Aim... Fire!

Besides beautiful Prinz Eugen looks dangerous, I mean, just look how many big guns come out of her, at first look and knowing she is a heavy cruiser you would assume that her firepower is insane... Well, let's take a look at this.

She starts with prinz-eugen-firepower-at-0.jpg 43 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements). Is it what you expected?

At the next step, she has firepower of prinz-eugen-firepower-at-100.jpg 214 at level 100, to be a heavy cruiser at this level is somewhat promising.

The firepower at this level is at least exciting for me prinz-eugen-firepower-at-120.jpg 226 at level 120. She has not yet reached her maximum level and knocks down more than one opponent with a single shot.

Here we are, her maximum firepower is gonna be prinz-eugen-firepower-at-125.jpg 230 at level 125 Prinz Eugen has an incredible damage to back her up, the firepower isn't bad for her at all, considering she is in the lower tier.

Let’s talk torpedoes!

Prinz Eugen has a wet weapon 😜 a Torpedo!. Quite powerful but not enough, with her torpedoes you won't deal huge damage.

To start, we have a torpedo stat of prinz-eugen-torpedo-at-0.jpg 28 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements).

Next to that, she reaches a prinz-eugen-torpedo-at-100.jpg 144 at level 100 from here we start to see a bigger damage

She increases to prinz-eugen-torpedo-at-120.jpg 153 at level 120. Here she is one step away from reaching her full power in torpedoes.

This is all the power that she reaches, you can say she can pretty much take down enemies with a single shot at level 125 with her prinz-eugen-torpedo-at-125.jpg 155 at level 125.

OMG that lightning speed reload!

Prinz Eugen's reload speed is quite good, even at her base (Level 0) is very useful and it gets better and better, it is one of the qualities that are really high as we expect to see in an Iron Blood ship. She is really fast to put weapons ready to fire.

Starting at prinz-eugen-reload-at-0.jpg 67 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements). You see, she wastes no time.

Next, we haveprinz-eugen-reload-at-100.jpg 173 at level 100 this number already is pretty good.

The reload increase to prinz-eugen-reload-at-120.jpg 182 at level 120 with this speed on reload she surpassed by quite some time other similar cruisers reload speeds.

And to end with her maximum reload speed of prinz-eugen-reload-at-125.jpg 185 at max level 125 it's really gratifying to see these numbers in her stats. Heavy Cruisers like her must be quick to do damage and she indeed is fast.

Prinz Eugen's Skills her skills

Unbreakable Shield


These shields look good but they have a little flaw, see you lose them after ten shots, only ten shots on each shield and that's it. As you know she gets a lot of shots. Good thing is she is able to use them every 10 seconds.

You should know that shields lets pass torpedoes, main gunshots and airstrikes. But don't worry cause by history she's a very lucky and tanky ship, so she is gonna be fine.

Remembers that avoiding damage is much better than getting damaged.

All Out Assault


Her attack is not that good like other heavy and similar cruisers but is ok considering she is in the lower tier so you have to improve her barrage or else you'll probably get a big D rating.

I recommend that you take some heavy hitter ships on your fleet to back her up, otherwise, you know, you'll… probably lose.

Prinz Eugen Gear Guide best gear

Here I'll give you my recommendations to make the best of this lovely Heavy Cruiser here in our Azur Lane Prinz Eugen best gear guide. We went through what are the weaknesses of Prinz Eugen, so let's go ahead and equip this beauty with the best equipment possible for each and every slot. This really worked for me but you can switch any of them if you want.

Starting with Slot Number 1 slot 1

This is the Main Gun Slot prinz-eugen-main-gun-efficiency.jpg of Prinz Eugen, here you'll be able to equip:

  • A CA Gun

The gun that you equip on the Main Gun slot of Prinz Eugen (Slot 1), will have a 115% → 125% efficiency.

For her Main Gun the best option to me is a weapon capable to shoot down heavy and light cruisers. It is strong and kinda easy to get or make it. That's why my principal option is a Triple 203mm (8"/55 Mk 15). This is a powerful gun that could be used for Heavy and Large Cruisers. It makes a damage of 27 × 6 → 51 × 6 with a Firepower of 45 to knock out enemies very fast.


Triple 234mm (BL 9.2" Mk XII Prototype) I'm pretty in love with this weapon but like all beauties is a bit difficult to get, actually it is extremely difficult to obtain. Is the best CA and is useful against all kinds of cruisers, light, heavy, large, all of them. You can find it research but only series 3.


The Twin 203mm (3rd Year Type No. 3 Prototype) is a great and medium level gun, made in Gear Lab from Twin 203mm (3rd Year Type No. 2).


A Twin 203mm (3rd Year Type) T3 with this baby you can pulverize everybody. You can find it on T3/T4 Sakura Tech Boxes.


The Twin 203mm (SK C/34) T3 a really good option against multiples medium armor enemies, you can obtain it from T4/T5 Ironblood Tech Box. Blueprints can also be obtained through research. Is a basic weapon very useful for lower levels.


Moving to Slot Number 2 slot 2

Next on Prinz Eugen's Slot Number 2, the Torpedo Slot Prinz Eugen Torpedo Efficiency you'll be able to equip:

  • A Torpedo

The Torpedo Power of what you equip here will increase 150% → 160% so here are a few really interesting options.

For Prinz Eugen's Torpedo slot, we have a few options but my favorite is a 533mm Quintuple Homing Torpedo Mount T1 is interesting and cool that only German cruisers have tracking torpedoes. It totally had to be in our Azur Lane Prinz Eugen best gear build.


Another option is a 533mm Quadruple Homing Torpedo Mount T3 I really like these kinds of torpedoes because they are really easy to get, hit the target easier, and are powerful.


Equipping Slot Number 3 slot 3

This topic is a little bit ambiguous, all of these Anti-Airs are going to work well with our Prinz Eugen. In this slot the Anti-Air Gun Slot of Prinz Eugen prinz-eugen-anti-air-efficiency.jpg you’ll be able to equip:

  • An Anti-Air Gun

The Anti-Air Gun that you equip on this slot of Prinz Eugen Equipment (Slot 3), will have 110% → 120% on efficiency.

A very good and accessible option can be a Quadruple 40mm Bofors (Mk 2 Mount) T3 if you want to have the best model. Has a good AA gun and a high DPS.


Another great option is a Quadruple 40mm Bofors (Mk 2 Mount) but in T2 version. In my opinion you can rely on this weapon.


Now, if you wanna have the best of the best you can choose the Sextuple 40mm Bofors because is the best general-use AA gun and also has a high DPS. It really is the best Anti-Air of the game!


Equipping Auxiliary Slots auxiliary 1 auxiliary 2

According to your experience using this ship, you can choose what you would like to use to improve the stats, it's personal preference choosing the auxiliaries, the important thing is to find out what faults it has and which auxiliaries use to improve those areas. In the auxiliary gear slots prinz-eugen-auxiliary-efficiency.jpg of Prinz Eugen, we have a few options that we would recommend you.

For me, the most important thing for a Heavy Cruiser is the attack power, that's why my principal option is a Fire Control Radar T3 because she can be more precise in the attack and make her stronger.


Run Two (2) of these, one on each Auxiliary Slot.

Also, you could have an Improved Hydraulic Rudder to make her more evasive and improve her HP. Every 20 seconds, 30.0 percent chance to evade all attacks for 2 seconds.


You can acquire it through research (series 1/2/3) and from obtainable (blueprints) from Mirror Involution Event (D3).

A Repair Toolkit T3 can also be good to our Prinz Eugen since this will increase her HP and healing.


Note: Restores 1% max HP every 15s.

Prinz Eugen Construction Time faq

If you asked about her construction time, the answer is 02:00:00 👈

Gain Affinity Fast on Prinz Eugen faq

I make for you guys a gain affinity fast on Azur Lane available here check it out, to make her more close to you.

Formation Suggestions faq

At first, I had doubts related to formation, but these are my suggestions for a good formation with MKS Prinz Eugen.

To increase the attack power we have the next ships:

  • Bismarck (Critical damage to MKS ships).
  • Avrora (Critical damage in Vanguard).
  • London (Improve damage and evasion).

To reduce damage taken from MKS ships:

  • Graf Zeppelin (Reduce damage taken from MKS ships and increase aviation power).

How to get Prinz Eugen? faq

You have some options to get our beloved Prinz Eugen, I'll give you a few ways:

  • In exchange for 80 medals.
  • Logging on for 8 days and get her for a reward if you are a new player.
  • A drop during the "Opposite-Colored Return" Event.
  • In a War Archives: Opposite-Colored Return D3 (boss node only).

These were the ways to get this heavy cruiser called Prinz Eugen.


All the ships of the game have different characteristics and abilities. I hope you learned a little more about Prinz Eugen and this Prinz Eugen Azur Lane gear guide has been very useful for you. Remember if there is any update or improvement I will put it here.

Have a lot of fun and win many battles in the company of this beauty, make sure to see our Azur Lane Prinz Eugen Tier List for 2021. I'll be answering questions and comments here below about Prinz Eugen, see you next time.

And that's it for our Prinz Eugen Azur Lane gear guide (although I'll be updating it every time something better comes out). If you decide to try it please let me know how it felt for you and if you would you like to change something