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How to increase Affinity fast in Azur Lane

Affinity or affection is quite an important topic to master if you want to be an Azur Lane legend and have the best fleet possible πŸ™Œ

Today let’s talk about how and why you should be working hard on increasing the affinity value on all of your favorites shipgirls... and learn a couple ways to quickly reach that 12% increase on stats 🀩.

Let's start with 'Why?'

This is the reason: High affection does increases your shipgirl's stats.

It's actually that simple: the higher the value number of affinity on a shipgirl πŸ‘‰ the better the increase on all base stats (aside from Speed) you will get...

Cool, isn't it?

If you wonder how much these bonus are; here is a quick chart with more detail:

OathFrom 100 to 200 (Pledge Ring given)Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 9%. 
If the affection value is 200, increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 12%.
Love100Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 6%.
CrushFrom 81 to 99Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 3%.
FriendlyFrom 61 to 80Increases all base stats (aside from Speed) by 1%.
StrangerFrom 31 to 60No effects. Newly acquired shipgirls start at 50.
Disappointed30 or lessOnly possible by repeatedly sortieing a ship with 0 Morale.

Data from Azur Lane's Wiki

There are 6 tiers to define your shipgirl's affection status. This is set, based on your ship's affinity value.

Quite simple 😁, just have in mind that: once you reach the 100 affection cap, make use of a Pledge Ring (you can acquire them in the store) to be able to reach the next tier and ultimate cap on your shipgirl's affinity.

How to Increase Affinity faster! ⚑️

There is a couple of methods to effortlessly grow the affection of your shipgirls towards you:

1 Make her your Main Secretary

One of the most effective methods to quickly gain affection on one of your shipgirls is to set her as main Secretary, this way you will be taking full advantage of the affinity boost given to the leading secretary on your roster.

Simply locate the Change Secretary button on your favorite girl and click on it... is that simple πŸ‘

Azur Lane Secretary

You'll be gaining 1 point of affinity on your main secretary around every 300 minutes.

Have in mind that this affinity bonus caps out at level 90, so you won’t be able to reach the Love status by just using this method... Having that said the best practice would be to change your main secretary to your next favorite girl as soon as you reach the 90 affinity cap on your current main secretary.

What you should do next, once you reach those 90 points of affinity is simply start battling more often with your favorite shipgirl.

2 Sortie with your Favorite

Seems obvious but using your shipgirl is simply one of the best ways to gain affinity points.

Per battle you'll get 0.0625 affection points and 0.125 if your ship gets MVP

This works without an actual limit so you can freely reach the maximum affinity value by just sortieing with your favorite ✨

Azur Lane Gameplay

Another very effective method, a bit more passive is to maximize the chances to get that little heart icon on your favorite shipgirl when you visit the dorm.

3 Send her to the Dorm

When you put a girl of your fleet on the dorm there's a chance she will pop a little heart icon, tapping it will increase her Affection points quite a bit.

Tapping the heart icon on a shipgirl in the Dorm will increase her Affection points by 0.1 to 0.3

To take maximum advantage of this method you must focus on giving food to your favorite girl as it increases the chances to get the heart icon to pop up.

Azur Lane Give Food

Working on improving the happiness value of your dorm can also increase the probabilities to get more heart icons out of your fleet, consider adding objects to your dorm and making it a crowded and cool space πŸ₯³

A cool example is this Icetaylor's dorm (go check it out on his YouTube channel)

Focus on this three simple methods and see your fleet get stronger everyday.

Remember to have fun and please consider leaving us a comment in the comment section if these tips were useful to you and what would you like to read next from us!

Happy sorties 😜