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Bismarck Equipment Build Guide

Guide to Bismarck: Best Gear, Equipment Build Guide + Tips

KMS Bismarck is one of the best battleships ever built, second on the battleships Iron Blood, following very close her little sis Tirpitz. Bismarck has an amazing armament she’s all that we need on a frontline, POWER, SPEED and a destructor beauty face, oh and she also is the core component on Iron Blood fleet, she provides similar faction-wide buffs. I am ready to see with you guys what this german beauty has to offer.

This guide is about her, her stats, equipment, and all the specific gear that worked for me and could work for you too.

Here we go:

Bismarck's Stats her stats

In short, Bismarck has excellent stats, I like to start by showing you guys the ship's stats so you can get an overview and get an idea of ​​what they are capable of. This German killer is not going to disappoint you, I promise.

3rd place HP! 🏆

She starts with a somewhat bulky base HP stat. At the first level, she  has bismarck-health-at-0.jpg1456 HP at level 0. (0 affection and no enhancements).

Next, at level 100 she'll have a health pool bismarck-health-at-100.jpg 7928 HP at level 100. Wow! that was definitely a great evolution.

Almost at her maximum level, she reaches a bismarck-health-at-120.jpg 8762 HP at level 120. Do you guys remember I said that she is the second in Iron Blood battleships, right? Well not in HP because she let her sister Tirpitz behind since level 100.

And finally, she reaches a colossal stat at her maximum level. bismarck-health-at-125.jpg 8970 HP at level 125 she’s like "Everyone, get behind me" …I would go, for sure, she's sure of herself more than anyone at this level, who wouldn´t be with such massive health?

If you trust on HP ships you definitely can trust blindly in Bismarck. She won third place on HP with honors 'cause she is as healthy as a horse.

Heavy armor, Danke! 🙏

Dank God! a lot of BB have heavy armor and Bismarck is not an exception. Her exceptional armor makes her look very frightening in front of the enemy and with good reason because she can stand several shots and it is difficult to cause critical damage making it appear that her enemies are firing blanks.

BTW Danke means thanks, I just learn it because of Iron Bloods.

Good evasion

Her evasion is more than acceptable to me, she is not an easy target for enemy ships and that is very nice. She shares this stat with her sister at every level, Tirpitz. Personally, I would have liked to see a little more evasion on this stat even when its heath pool is higher, but it is still a good evasion and works for her.

In the beginning, she has an evasion of bismarck-evasion-at-0.jpg 8 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements) 😬.

Don't worry because Bismarck improves very soon her stat to bismarck-evasion-at-100.jpg 29 evasion at level 100 even when this stat look lowers are good numbers to this kind of ship.

Bismarck evasion grows up to bismarck-evasion-at-120.jpg 33 evasion at level 120 a nice stat for a battleship.

Next and finally, at level 125 her maximum evasion reachesbismarck-evasion-at-125.jpg 34 evasion at level 125. At this level, she is fully able to elude all kinds of shots, ones more than others thought. She definitely doesn't look accessible to enemy attacks.

This is her Anti-Air

Seems like the Iron blood battleships aren’t good at Anti-air power. You'll probably need to have another ship on your fleet with solid Anti-air power to fill the gap. Bismarck has the common anti-air power on battleships.

Her Anti-Air power starts at bismarck-anti-air-at-0.jpg 39 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements).

At level 100 she'll be at bismarck-anti-air-at-100.jpg 190 at level 100, If we compare only the stat with other ships doesn't matter the kind, we can see that she has an AA very similar to her sister Prinz Eugen's AA.

She improves at level 120 and here her Anti-Air is ofbismarck-anti-air-at-120.jpg 208 at level 120.

Ok, the maximum Bismarck's Anti-Air power is of bismarck-anti-air-at-125.jpg 212 at level 125. She can shoot down planes and try to keep your airspace clean, but even when you limit break her to the max, you don't go really see any efficiency increases, so please kind that in mind and put a good AAA on your fleet to cover that.

You've earned a place on dorm!

If the power beauties we talk about, we have to say that Bismarck is one of the most powerful ships in all the game, this stat is really good on her. She's able to topple pretty quickly any ship that she wants.

I have to say to you guys that these stats are maybe a spoiler alert cause she has very similar if not the same stats as her twin Tirpitz.

Bear with me and see what I'm talking about...

She began with bismarck-firepower-at-0.jpg 82 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements). She and her sister Tirpitz already have a stat above average than her others blood sisters.

No time wasters she increases nearly five times her power, leaving herself at bismarck-firepower-at-100.jpg 402 at level 100, Seems like she got hungry after her first punch doesn’t she?

At her next level, she improves to bismarck-firepower-at-120.jpg 423 at level 120. Still, not enough for her because she increases a little bit more.

… And finally here at her most firepower she reaches her max power pool with more than good stat at bismarck-firepower-at-125.jpg 428 at level 125 like I already said she earned a ticket to the dorm, be sure that has a lot of food for her because she is insatiable.

Kinda flash in the hangar ⚡️

Bismarck stays on alert to attack at any moment, her reload speed holds a really promising stat.

I'm pretty sure that at this point, all of us know that reload speed is suggestive and depends on the ship category right? Well, she holds a flag in this stat too.

She starts with bismarck-reload-at-0.jpg 56 at level 0 (0 affection and no enhancements). Ready to fight.

At the next level she increases tobismarck-reload-at-100.jpg 144 at level 100 even when the comparison is not the best I’ve seen, we can appreciate a nice overall stat here.

Moving to the next level she holds a reload speed of bismarck-reload-at-120.jpg 152 at level 120.

Finally, we have her maximum reload stat, she achieves a bismarck-reload-at-125.jpg 155 at max level 125 how many of you like F1 racing? The way they change tires on cars? I can't help but think about it when seeing her in battles.

Bismarck's Skills her skills



This Perk guarantees you that the first salvo round of each main gun volley to critically hit.

Only when equipped with a Light Cruiser gun in the secondary slot, this going to increase its detection range and shooting range but also going to decrease its damage dealt by 35 percent.

Unwavering Strength


All your Iron Blood carriers are going to increase their damage dealt between 10 and 20 percent.

If firing the main gun, you could have between a 40 and 70 percent chance to fire a special barrage.

To be able of this you should put it as flagship. Mandatorily.

Will of the Iron Blood


This perk lets you increase the critical rate of all weapons such as main guns, torpedoes, and aircraft between 4 and 20 percent.

Also, your reload speed by increasing between 4.5 and 12 percent, for Iron Blood ships.

Furthermore, you'll be going to increase damage dealt by Tirpitz between 20 and 40 percent.

Bismarck Gear Guide best gear

This feat of German engineering features numerous gear options to give you all the most in battle. I'll show you my personal elections here in our Azur Lane Bismarck best gear guide. A good weapon selection will always improve a ship's abilities, we wanna make this beauty increase her firepower, reload speed, health… and most importantly cover her weakness. Let's go ahead and lets to see what these weapons are for every slot.

Starting with Slot Number 1 slot 1

This is the Main Gun Slot prinz-eugen-main-gun-efficiency.jpg of Bismarck, here you'll be able to equip:

  • A BB Gun

The gun that you equip on the Main Gun slot of Bismarck (Slot 1), will have a 100% → 130% efficiency.

The best option ever got for Bismarck Main Gun is the Triple 406mm (16"/50 Mk 7) really a fancy option because its rarity, you could have it through Mirror Involution event shop. This gun is the best high explosive gun in the game for shelling damage.


Twin 406mm (SK C/34 Prototype) This gun is a nice selection, fast 24.41s → 19.42s per volley and dealing a good damage 58 × 2 → 154 × 2. You can acquire through Research (Series 2).


The Triple 406mm (16"/45 Mk 6) also will work for Bismarck, to me this option y more accessible considering it´s an Elite gun, even that way, is able to deal good damage 60 × 3 → 156 × 3. Get it on 6-2, 6-3, T3/T4 Eagle Tech Box or create it in Gear Lab from Twin 406mm (16"/45 Mk 5)


Last but not least the Triple 410mm (10th Year Type Prototype) is a cool piece from Sakura Empire, useful against medium and heavies armor bosses, it's a great armor-piercing (AP) gun for shelling damage. You can obtain it through Research (Series 1) and Gear Lab from Twin 410mm (3rd Year Type) Kai.


Twin 410mm (3rd Year Type) this is my first option any time for you guys, is a quick shotgun with critical damage guaranteed for this german demolisher. This gun has numerous ways to find and has a good plus, ones you have it you can use it in the future to get more powerful guns, so it's a win-win.


At Slot Number 2 slot 2

For our Bismarck's Slot Number 2, in the Secondary Slot you'll be able to equip:

  • A Secondary Main Gun

The Secondary Gun of what you equip here will increase 180% → 180% She has a few options that work well in battle.

Personally, I have around 5 options For Bismarck's Secondary slot but my first and favorite is the Triple 152mm (6"/47 Mk 17 DP Prototype). This weapon has a long-range auxiliary that works to me for a light cruiser and a higher damage per second, DPS can be a little unstable at far ranges but in general, is an option more than sure. You can acquire it on research only (series 2).


If you are fussy about your weapon selections you can go for the Twin 150mm (SK C/28 Prototype). This gun is created in gear lab from Twin 150mm (SK C/28) especially to be the best longe range auxiliary CL gun. You should have it because going to give you quick projectiles and almost none spread and cover details such as instability because also have accuracy hits for long away.


Twin 150mm (TbtsK C/36) T3 Similar characteristics to the previous gun with the exception of the longe range since this one is a little smaller and this one fire two volleys with two projectiles each parallel towards the target, however, this one has the advantage and seal of German quality. An Iron blood will always do well with a weapon of its nation.


Equipping Slot Number 3 slot 3

This slot is crucial for our German Beauty Bismarck, we already saw the anti-air stat, and isn't her forte, reason why we have to be strategic and use the strongest as possible AA. I'll show you my favorites here at Anti-Air Gun Slot for Bismarck you'll be able to equip:

  • An Anti-Air Gun

The Anti-Air Gun that you equip on this slot of Bismarck Equipment (Slot 3), will have 90% → 90% on efficiency.

We have to be sure that equip the most powerful AA Guns at this stot, that's why I prefer the Twin 40mm Bofors STAAG over the others been this the best AA gun for all main fleet ships. It'll accelerator your AA gun and provides 10 accuracy stat. You'll count priority using in BBVs, BBs, and BCs.


Jumping at the second option we have the Twin 40mm Bofors Hazemeyer food of our first choice, going to provide you 5 accuracy stat also accelerate just a little the AA gun. Overall have similar characteristics.


Now, if you are beginning but want to be sure and make good choices I recommend to you the Quadruple 40mm Bofors (Mk 2 Mount) T3 it's a good AA gun and possesses a good DPS. In case to are really a beginner use the T2 version.


Equipping Auxiliary Slots auxiliary 1 auxiliary 2

In order to let ready to battle to Bismarck don't can forget the Auxiliary Slot, there we can enhance abilities, skills, reload, firepower, or anything we want, of course, according to her stats and possible improvements. In the auxiliary gear slots prinz-eugen-auxiliary-efficiency.jpg of Bismarck, we have a few options that we would recommend to you.

To be a demoledor ship you will want to have a Type 1 Armor Piercing Shell useful to improve the power and precision attack.


Can also have a Type 91 Armor Piercing Shell for transitional general-use Auxiliary.


To improve firepower and probability on 8% and critical damage, mandatory the Super Heavy Shell.


Obtain it in Core Data Exchange

If your thing is shooting and you want to do it fast, you can use the Autoloader T3 you will go from 14 → 35 → 38, trust me you will love it.


Bismarck Construction Time faq

If you asked about her construction time, the answer is 06:00:00 👈

Gain Affinity Fast on Bismarck faq

I make for you guys a gain affinity fast on Azur Lane available here check it out, to make her more close to you.

Formation Suggestions faq

I´ll give you my suggestions for a good formation with KMS Bismarck and make nice fleets.

To increase the attack power we have the next ships:

  • Weser (Critical damage to Air ships).
  • Tirpitz (Increase Critical damage for be an Iron Blood).
  • Hyuuga Retrofit (Improve damage and command skills).

To improve reload:

How to get Bismarck? faq

You have some options to get our German machine Bismarck, I'll give you a few ways:

  • In build: Heavy.
  • A drop during Scherzo of Iron and Blood event.

These were the ways to get this Battler Ship, isn´t an easy one right?.

It was the opportunity to see a little more in-depth a representative of the Iron blood nation and it was more than entertaining, the strength and beauty of the construction of this ship left me nothing to be desired, I hope that you also have been fun with this Bismarck Azur Lane Equipment Guide and of course I hope it can be useful for you. Remember that I am constantly checking for updates to leave them here.

Always is fun to share with you these tips, this Gear Guide, and I'm completely sure that you will be the best commander, be sure to check out our Azur Lane Bismarck Tier List for 2023. I'll be answering questions and comments down here below about the Bismarck, I hope to see you again soon.

That is all for now for our Bismarck Azur Lane gear guide. Please let me know if you try these recommendations and how well they work for you.